Project Arrhythmia Free Download PC Game __FULL__

Project Arrhythmia Free Download PC Game __FULL__



Project Arrhythmia Free Download PC Game

Project Arrhythmia on PC – Windows 7,8,8.1,10,XP Full Version Project Arrhythmia is a great and very addictive strategy game, with an unique and exciting gameplay. This strategy game is very hard to beat but with a little help from the energy of the elements; It’s really quite simple to get the basic idea of a puzzle. This game consists of two sides; Blue and Red. The Blue side wants to beat the Red by using workers and by creating the most positive energy; The Worker uses energy. The more energy is consumed, the faster the worker will become. The worker has a limited supply of energy and will go down if it is depleted. Once the worker dies, it cannot be recovered. Each worker has a limited number of moves and the team with the most workers first reaches victory by bringing back their last worker. Once the Red team’s workers are depleted, there is one last worker that can be used. The worker can be used freely and it consumes no energy. But the worker can only be used on one place at a time and it can be stolen if it’s around too long. If the Blue team uses a worker on a winning attack, it will leave the place and attack the Red worker. If it’s stolen by the Red team, the worker will return with no energy and it will cost the Blue team a timeout. The Red team’s goal is to eliminate as many Blue workers as possible. The Blue team can build into the Red team’s area, thereby killing all of the Red workers. The Blue team must build the last worker onto the Red team’s last area to win. Team. The Blue team can only build into the Red team’s area and can collect bonuses for doing so, so it wants to place its workers as close as possible to where it needs to build the last worker. Red team is not allowed to build into the Blue team’s area. A worker can be stolen as long as it is placed on a Red team spot. The more energy is available to the Red team, the more easily it will steal a worker. The Blue team has to be wary because there is no limit to how many times it can steal a worker. It will steal a worker as soon as it’s free. If there is no worker to steal, the Blue team will steal a clock. Saves. Blue team gets


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