Lungi Dance Non Stop Bollywood Dandiya 2013-2012 BETTER 📁

Lungi Dance Non Stop Bollywood Dandiya 2013-2012 BETTER 📁

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Lungi Dance Non Stop Bollywood Dandiya 2013-2012

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Fantastic compilation of popular songs from all around the world. Music, lyrics, style of dancing, and all things in-between. Diverse and varying genres that one can’t find in one collection.
The story begins with some tunes at the radio, where you can hear a special song. Out of the car you jump, the phone rings. It’s your mate, come and join us for a cup of tea or coffee and some toasts.
“Today, everyone, I mean, almost everyone, makes for the BBC Radio Station”.
Your friend isn’t coming, he’s at the university, which is near the city center, so you decide to go alone.
With a bottle of coke in your hand, you walk to the nearest tube station, where you take the tube to Heathrow. In London, it’s only about 25 minutes, but because of the connections you take from London to Glasgow and thus more hours.
When the London Heathrow is reached, you should be about to leave for a special occasion. You can’t wait to hear the song of the day, and what could be a better way to fill the hours than to enjoy the whole tune on the way. Only when you see the stadium, you take a break.
The show begins. You and the others sit down in front of the screen, where the song plays. The atmosphere of the stadium already is pretty interesting.
The song ends, and the screen is connected to the main stage. The crowd starts clapping and cheering. The act begins. One by one the members of the performance are sent to the stage. And so it happens, that the novelty of the day is singing in dresses.
When the new act is finished, the most popular theme of the day begins. This one is sung by five people. So the whole crowd stands up and dances around.
We’re absolutely not interested in such entertainment. You go home, and sit down to write for the day. Not because it’s really boring. On the contrary, this is the soundtrack of our lives.
We play, we dance, and we go home.

Description: Listen to the MUSIC Full Video Song Dheere Dheere Se From Andaz Apna Apna (2013) – a hindi movie /movie/music-video-youtube-movies/videogallerylist/?template=music-watch-movie-song&id=1321


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